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IEI's Series 2000 Keypads

The 2000 Series Platform combines the functionality of IEI's current keypad products in one product line. With the ability to manage up to 500 users, the 2000 Series access control keypads provide complete access control functionality including monitoring the position of the door, controlling lock hardware, and triggering a propped or forced door alert or alarm shunt. The 2000 Series will initially be available in the e and eM style products.
For more information, call International Electronics at 800-343-9502 or visit

IEI expands illuminated keypad line

International Electronics, a manufacturer of electronic access control and asset management products for industrial and commercial applications, has released five new keypads offering backlit key illumination for better safety and improved accuracy in dimly lit environments.

Pacom Systems brings integrated access control and digital alarm panel to m

With the PX8, Pacom Systems has introduced an integrated digital panel that combines the capabilities of an alarm panel, and access control panel and a card reader interface. It provides eight on-board zones, five outputs, supports 256 cardholders and offers four-door access control capability. The PX8 supports wireless and is programmable from an LCD keypad and Windows-based software.
For more information about this product, visit the Pacom's web site at

Elk offers new color touchscreen

Elk Products has introduced a seven-inch color touchscreen, the Elk-TS07, designed to operate with the M1 or EZ8 controls. It has built-in ElkRM software, 800 x 480 resolution, running on the Windows CE operating system. It carries one RS-232 port, one 10/100 Ethernet port and one USM accessory port. Microphone and speaker are also built-in.
For more information about this product, call Elk Products at 800-797-9355 or visit the company's web site at

Freedom by NAPCO

Freedom by NAPCO is the only code-free F-8 security system with 8-zone hybrid control. This revolutionary code-free system is as easy to use as locking the door, eliminates callbacks, account attrition and 100 percent of false alarms caused during exit/entry. Freedom installs in as little as an hour and uses all standard Gemini Wireless. There is nothing to touch on the door. The lock insert interfaces with exiting deadbolt locks and transmits wirelessly.

Elk Products' M1 Flush Mountable Keypad

Elk introduces a smaller, flush mountable, addressable, LCD keypad for Elk M1 Cross Platform Controls. Elk-M1KP2 features a 32-character backlit display with adjustable intensity and extra large character fonts for ease of readability. It includes keys for four pre-programmed functions, navigation of security and automation functions, quick arming, bypass and chime.
For more information, call Elk Products at 800-797-9355 or visit

Winland's EnviroAlert EA400

The EnviroAlert Critical Environment Monitoring Alarm, whether in a residential or commercial application, provides the flexibility to simultaneously monitor temperature, humidity and/or presence of water in up to four critical environments. EnviroAlert will activate alarms, dialers, transmitters including temperature and humidity high/low set points; defrost time delay up to 120 minutes; eight event alarm memory with time and date.
For more information, call Winland Electronics at 800-635-4269 or visit

Rosslare's Convertible Intelligent Readers

Intelligent Wiegand 26-bit readers in a variety of Rosslare styles and housing designs convert to secure controllers with the addition of the Rosslare Secure Power Supply, AC-C15TU. This converted reader becomes a secure, standalone controller providing access control for 500 users and unsurpassed security.
For more information, call Rosslare Security Products at 866-632-1101 or visit

HAI's OmniTouch with Video

HAI's OmniTouch with Video
HAI, leading manufacturer of integrated security and home-automation products, has announced the availability of the OmniTouch with Video. This color touchscreen has all of the features of HAI's original OmniTouch, plus the ability to see digital video from up to six cameras. It can automatically display the front door camera when the doorbell rings. The homeowner can then press and hold the camera selection button to release a door strike and let the visitor in.

Freedom by Napco offers code-free residential access

The revolutionary code-free system is as easy as locking the door, eliminates callbacks, account attrition and 100 percent of false alarms caused during exit/entry. Napco's Freedom System installs in as little as an hour and uses all standard Gemini Wireless. Starting with a conventional, Napco-downloadable 8-zone hybrid control, it features a unique deadbolt lock interface and codeless, easy-install.
For more information, call Napco Security Systems at 800-645-9445 or visit