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ISC West New Products

STOPware's PassagePoint software

STOPware PassagePoint Enterprise v4.5 software is designed for visitor management control. PassagePoint v4.5 includes a system notification feature called SecureView to provide security personnel with system status and security alerts. It incorporates a badge design wizard to generate custom badges with the ability to add 2D barcodes.

For more information, call STOPware at 408-367-0220 or visit

Network Video Technologies' twisted pair wire

Network Video Technologies unshielded twisted pair wire CCTV power-video-data product, NV-218A-PVD, incorporates the transceiver engine of NVT’s NV-213A video transceiver to enable a direct video output connection from the camera.

The product adds power and data connections to and from the camera. The unparalleled interference rejection, and low emissions let video signals co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom or low-voltage power circuits.

For more information, call NVT at 800-959-9870 or visit

Lenel unveils VideoDefender

VideoDefender from Lenel is an IP-based digital video management solution. The user can use a PC as a network video recorder. VideoDefender hardware and software can be configured, managed and monitored from a single administrative workstation.

For more information, call Lenel at 585-248-9720 or visit

Bosch’s VideoJet 10 digital encoder

The VideoJet 10 digital encoder from Bosch delivers real-time video and two-way audio over IP networks for CCTV systems. The digital encoder minimizes storage and bandwidth utilization without compromising live viewing. The encoder can be used as part of a new digital system or integrated with existing analog products and networks.

For more information call, Bosch at 800-289-0096 or visit

Axis Communications offers 211 Network Camera

Axis Communications’ 211 Network Camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The 211 provides image quality using progressive scan and offers built-in support for power over the Ethernet, motion detection and advanced event management. It delivers Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously, to optimize image quality and bandwidth. The MPEG-4 compression mode can be used when available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required.

For more information, call Axis at 800-444-2947 or visit

Honeywell Power Products adds Access Control Power

Access Control Power from Honeywell Power Products features circuit-breaker protection, LED diagnostic indicators, regulated output and automatic switchover to standby battery upon AC failure. The power supply is UL-listed for access control and fire applications.

For more information, call Honeywell Power Products at 203-484-7161 or visit

Dedicated Micros' Eco9

Dedicated Micro’s Eco9 camera DVMR, offers up to 30 fps recording speed and up to one month’s continuous recording. The DVMR is available in an 80, 160 or 300 GB hard disk storage size.

For more information call 800-864-7539 or visit

March Networks' DVR

March Networks’ monitoring system is a four-camera DVR application combining software, ATM and POS transaction data integration tools. It offers the flexibility to integrate transaction data locally, while using a direct serial or IP connection.

For more information callMarch Networks at 800-563-5564 or visit

StarLink from Napco

StarLink RF wireless backup from Napco reports alarm conditions to central stations using a digital network. It supports central station formats and requires no additional equipment. It can work with any control panel. For more information, call Napco Security Systems at 800-645-9445 or visit

Panasonic's Iris Recognition Reader

Panasonic Security Systems' BM-ET330 Iris Recognition Reader features a double speed processor, and an RS485 interface. Additional language is available on the reader that supports audio prompts and a built-in real-time clock for time and attendance applications.

For more information, call Panasonic at 866-726-2288 or visit