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ISC West New Products

DMP introduces Glass Pad

The Glass Pad from DMP is designed for use in residential and commercial keypads. The keypad screen is transparent while in its dormant state. The Glass Pad is compatible with all DMP panels.

For more information, call DMP at 800-641-4282 or visit

Vigitron's miniature twisted pair video balun

Vigitron’s VI1003 video balun sends video signals over unshielded twisted pair wires up to 1,000 feet. Its compact size enables it to fit anywhere a BNC can fit. It is compatible with cameras that have a built-in UTP transmitter.

For more information, call Vigitron at 858-484-5209 or visit

Rainbow CCTV offers HD series

The HD series from Rainbow CCTV is a high- impact weatherproof dome camera. The series offers 460 lines of detail with a low-light capability of 0.7 lux. Standard configuration includes front and side conduit holes, a half-tint impact-resistant polycarbonate dome.

For more information contact Rainbow CCTV at 800-654-5367 or visit

Perimeter Products adds FPS-5

Perimeter Products' FPS-5 is a fence mounted sensor that communicates alarm and supervision information and audio on the same integral fiber transponder.

For more information, call Perimeter Products at 510-249-1450 or visit

Secura Key releases two-door access system in a box

The e*ACCESS1 packages from Secura Key are two-door access control systems in a box. It features e*Tag proximity readers and can provide access control features and highly secure DES-encrypted cards. The systems enables installers to network up to 200 doors and enroll up to 65,000 cardholders.

For more information, call Secura Key at 800-891-0020 or visit

American Fibertek's digital fiber optic system

American Fibertek’s 984 and 984SL series digital fiber optic transceivers transmit eight channels of 10 bit bi-directional video and one channel of data in RS422/485. The units exceed RS250C short haul specifications. The series deliver high density with up to 56 channels of video and seven channels of audio in a single rack.

For more information, call American Fibertek at 877-234-7200 or visit

Winsted launches Freeform console system

Winsted’s Freeform console system accommodates one to six LCD monitors using display mounts. The console cabinets are constructed of high durability laminate and feature internal shelving, CPU carriages and concealed hinges.

For more information, contact Winsted at 952-944-9050 or visit the company's website at

STI offers Stopper Station, an ADA compliant turn-to-reset push button

STI’s new ADA compliant, multipurpose push button device covers a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. The SS2409E incorporates a patented design that helps prevent accidental activation. The new push and turn-to-reset button has two form “C” contacts rated 7A at 125/250 VAC.

For more information, contact STI at 800-888-4784 or visit the company's website at

U.S. Acoustics' standalone intrusion video system

The Standalone Intrusion Video System from U.S. Acoustics provides customers with 20-second verification from the moment the camera or sensor detects motion to the time the monitoring station alerts the end-user. The system includes an eight-channel multiplexer, up to eight cameras with variable motion detectors, sensor and a siren. It connects to an existing alarm, burglar panel or DVR system.

For more information, contact U.S. Acoustics at 510-633-5000 or visit

S2 Security’s Netbox product hits version 1.2

S2 Security Corp. has upgraded the monitoring desktop and enhanced the graphical floor plans for version 1.2 of the S2 Netbox, a network appliance that combines access control, video surveillance, intercom, alarm monitoring and temperature monitoring in one system.With the monitoring desktop, users have access to all monitoring functions of the product through a single screen.

For more information, contact S2 Security Corp. at 781-237-0800 or visit