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Mitsubishi rolls out DX-TL900U DVR

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics’ Security Products has introduced the DX-TL900U digital video recorder. The DVR incorporates a range of features, including recording up to 30pps, individual per-channel record settings of pictures per second and record quality that enables users to optimize storage capacity.

The DX-TL900U comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty.

For more information, contact Mitsubishi Security Products at 888-307-0339 or visit

Saflok offers eSecure lock system

Saflok has introduced eSecure, a Windows- and web-based electronic lock system. The system works with Saflok’s Gibraltar lock and allows properties to pay a monthly usage fee and receive the necessary software and electronic locks.

Saflok will install the system and provide technical support and service for the life of the program contract. Users can log on to Saflok’s remote server via the Internet and then follow the point-and-click prompts to encode a new key card or perform other transactions.

Vision Quest unveils new CCTV camera

Vision Quest has announced the addition of its new C124 to its line of SpeKtrum CCTV products. The C124 is a color CCD camera that features a Sony chipset, 330 TV lines of horizontal resolution, 24 VAC or 12 VDC operation and backlight compensation. The C124 also accepts either DC or video/audio iris lenses.

For more information, call Vision Quest at 800-284-4140 or visit

Dortronics Systems announces new mortise lock and pull system

Dortronics Systems’ new ML-1100 series mortise lock and pull system is available in two models, which offer 650-pound (ML-1106) and 1000-pound (ML-1100) holding forces.

The new models’ hardware is concealed with tamper-proof mounting, and can be ordered in dark bronze and satin black anodized finishes, as well as polished brass, satin brass, polished chrome or satin chrome-plated finishes.

For more information, call Dortronics at 800-906-0137 or visit

Optelecom introduces SpectraStream 128

Optelecom has released its SpectraStream 128 single fiber video transmission system. This new version, which is based on the Optelecom’s 10-bit digital video transmission cards, can transport 128 channels of uncompressed digital video over distances of more than 30 miles.

SpectraStream 128 features a flexible option module system designed to make it easy for designers to include data, audio, stereo audio and contact enclosures along with each video channel, as well as up to 128 channels of bi-directional audio or data.

Sensor protects industrial automatic doors

B.E.A. Inc has developed a microwave sensor for use with industrial automatic doors. The sensor’s microprocessor and planar antenna generate a sensing field that is able to activate the door when needed and eliminate unwarranted door openings. The unit can be set to detect approaching vehicular traffic while disregarding pedestrian traffic and parallel vehicular traffic.

Photron’s motion analysis camera control software

Photron has introduced Motion Tools, an automated, slow-motion analysis camera control software. Designed for use with Photron’s PC-based, high speed video cameras, the basic camera control and image replay software includes automatic single-point tracking or a manual tracking that captures one to four points per frame.

Galaxy Control Systems releases the 508i access control panel with Native I

Galaxy Control Systems announces the release of the 508i panel. The new panel provides a Native IP connection through a category-five jack mounted on the CPU of the panel. The connection allows a direct Ethernet connection to the panel, without using an intermediate serial-to-Ethernet converter.

The 508i panel is controlled by the System Galaxy software, an enterprise-class access control system that integrates badging, CCTV, DVR, elevator control, guard tour, time and attendance, and facility management.

Residence hall security made easier with Schlage Campus Lock

Higher security for residence halls and other campus doors is achieved with the new Schlage Campus Lock and CampusLink software. The standalone electronic locking system requires no hard wiring, integrates with online and offline systems and interfaces with one-card providers.

Bosch Security Systems unveils new housing

Bosch Security Systems HSG9483 Series Camera Housings are housings designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are made of aluminum and advanced polymers—offering a solution for protecting video surveillance equipment from adverse elements.

The hinged, side-opening design allows access to most camera and lens controls once the housing is mounted. Power, video and lens control cabling can be routed through liquid-tight fittings in the bottom rear of the housing, or via the feed-through entry holes in the base for even better cable management.