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SperryWest intros Spyder Element

Spyder Element IR Video Camera offers auto-switch day-to-night infrared video up to 80 feet deep. It’s geared for use during unpredictable lighting situations, or when lighting is known to fluctuate from one extreme to another.

The brushed aluminum casing is rust-retardant and weather-resistant to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions.

For more information, contact Sperry West at 858-551-2000 or visit them online at

Securitron rolls out Stand Alone Battery Lock

The Stand Alone Battery Lock from Securitron offers programming and quality in a low-profile package. Based on the DK-26 and offered in four architectural finishes – polished brass, bright chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed chrome – SABL is perfect for offices, schools and hospitals. SABL is also available with a choice of keyways.

SABL is designed for high-volume use in controlling access through electrically locked doors.

For more information, contact Securitron at 800-624-5625 or visit them online at

Tane Alarm’s track-mounted overhead door contact

The Tane-66 track-mounted overhead door contact allows installers to put in commercial-grade contacts without the fear of having it knocked off by a forklift or vandal. This contact attaches to the roller track of the door. The adjustable magnet side can be attached in different ways to allow for a maximum gap.

15-BC25S camera from COP-USA

The 15-BC25S from COP-USA is a high-end Sony CCD board camera that can fit virtually anywhere, at two inches in length. Fully equipped with its high-quality Sony CCD chipset, the 15-BC25S vari-focal lens feature can view with clarity up-close or far away providing high picture quality and maneuverability in any video application.

For more information, contact COP-USA at 626-333-8866 or visit

Pelco releases CX7100 series DVR

Pelco has added the CX7100 to its line of PC-based DVRs. The DX7100 offers compression technology, large internal storage capacity, stability and speed.

In addition, the DX7100 is designed to offer high reliability, high performance, and a long life of continuous operation.

For more information, contact Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit

Silent Witness unveils new ValeoView camera

ValeoView is Silent Witness’ indoor modular camera line that offers affordable surveillance with a choice of one housing, eight camera boards, including true day/night, and six lenses. Each component is packaged separately to provide the flexibility to purchase, assemble and upgrade the camera as needed.

For more information, contact Silent Witness at 888-289-2288 or visit them online at

Linear’s telephone entry system enables up to 250 users

The new AE-500 Telephone Entry system from Linear provides full duplex telephone communications through hands-free operation and controls either one or two doors via touch tone telephone.

Local programming is handled via a keypad. Remote programming can be done through a standard web browser or a touch-tone telephone. An integral 318 MHz receiver enables use with remote control transmitters.

For more information, call Linear at 800-421-1587 or visit

Silent Knight introduces new IFP-50

Silent Knight introduces its new IFP-50 intelligent analog/addressable fire control panel.

The IFP-50 has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. The fire panel also has a built-in dual line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay, and two programmable Form C relays.

For more information, contact Silent Knight at 800-328-0103 or visit

Ionit’s ionPRO+

The ionPRO+ is a digital video recorder from Ionit that delivers high frame rates on all cameras. It records live images at up to 15 frames per second on all 16 cameras. A new user-friendly GUI makes managing video easier.

The ionPRO+ will record four or eight cameras onto a single, reliable hard disk, and images are displayed to a single SVGA monitor or remotely to another computer.

For more information,call Ionit at 888-635-0221 or visit

United Security Products rolls out Arrowhead

United Security Products introduces the Arrowhead, a 3/8-inch contact with a one-inch-long magnet. The design permits Self-threading into 3/8-inch drilled wood or thin metal jambs and frames. The Arrowhead eliminates the need for messy glue, allowing the user to just load and lock.

For more information, contact USP at 800-227-1592 or visit them online at