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NSS New Products

Siedle-Steel from Siedle Comm.

Siedle-Steel combines the modern system engineering of contemporary building communication with the material aesthetics of high-grade steel. Building communication and visual communication complement one another to become a comprehensive system in the entranceway area.

For more information, contact Siedle Communications at 800-874-3353 or visit

Security International releases SafeScan

SafeScan from Security International is a walk-through concealed weapons-detection system that uses advanced, passive, non-contact imaging sensor technology with video image recognition capabilities.

SafeScan accurately pinpoints the location, size and number of concealed weapons while differentiating personal artifacts. Additionally, SafeScan will not interfere with medical devices.

For more information, contact Security International at 888-670-3500 or visit

PC5401 DataLink Module from DSC

The PC5401 DataLink Module from Digital Security Controls allows system integrators to communicate with and send instructions to the PowerSeries systems using an RS-232 protocol.

The PC5401 provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third-party applications to communicate with the system.

The PC5401 supports a diverse range of commands: arming, disarming, setting time and date and real time zone status.

For more information, call DSC at 888-888-7838 or visit

Napco introduces integrated keypad

The GEMK4RF is an integrated English-language keypad with a built-in 32-point wireless receiver. The K4RF supports all Gemini transmitters and is compatible with the GEM-P816, 1632, 3200 and 9600 Panels.

With Gemini’s own crystal control RF performance, the keypad offers labor savings, convenience of installation and dependability.

For more information, call Napco at 800-654-9445 or visit them online at

Cansec debuts standalone fingerprint reader

Zodiac Lite is a standalone fingerprint reader from Cansec Systems designed for single-door applications for up to 90 users. Using a hand-held programmer, users are enrolled directly at the unit.

The Zodiac Includes a door control module and special bypass keys for non-enrollable users. Users presenting a Bypass Key will not be required to scan their finger.

For more information, contact Cansec Systems at 905-820-2404 or visit

NStar software from Northern Computers

The Northern NStar software and NS2 panel create a new access control system designed as a cost-effective solution for entry-level applications up to 128 doors. Optional upgrade includes badging, networking, digital video integration and prioritized alarm monitoring. The software uses an MSDE database engine and runs on Windows 2000 and XP systems.

For more information, contact Northern at 414-766-1700 or visit

Jeron announces Spectrum 430

The Spectrum 430 from Jeron is an intelligent and economic voice communication solution suitable for two to 96 stations. The system offers integration capabilities and is ideal for hands-free duplex voice communication.

Like the 460, the Spectrum 430 has uses in virtually any commercial, industrial or institutional setting where clear and immediate communication is needed.

For more information, call Jeron at 800-621-1903 or visit

HAI unveils OmniTouch

Security and automation product manufacturer HAI has introduced the OmniTouch. It is an affordable, colorful, “plug and play” touchscreen interface for HAI’s Omni Family of integrated security and home automation controllers, which coordinate security, temperature, and lighting for comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

For more information, call HAI at 800-229-7256 or visit them online at

CBC intros ZC-D6000 Series dome cameras

CBC America introduces the ZC-D6000 series dome cameras. These standard resolution cameras are available in b/w and color versions with integrated 2.6-6mm or 4-9mm auto iris varifocal lens.

A propriety pan/tilt/rotation mechanism allows mounting on any horizontal or vertical surface. An optical quality distortion-free dome cover with black inner liner provides discreet viewing. BNC and power connectors are included.

For more information, contact CBC America at 800-422-6707 or visit

Greyfox intros CAT5 residential camera solution

Greyfox Systems has released a new camera solution utilizing a CAT5 wiring infrastructure. Greyfox camera modules support four cameras, which are IP-addressable and include an on-board tunable sequencer. The cameras are compatible with single and multi-channel modulators.

The modules are designed to eliminate the sale of multiple modulators and blocking out multiple subscriber channels. Instead, the dealer can now package and sell a multi-channel modulator that only uses a single subscriber channel.