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Ademco debuts 5828V wireless talking keypad

As an add-on to any LYNX system, ADEMCO’s new 5828V Wireless Voice Keypad saves dealers time by offering quick and easy installation of a secondary keypad.

The 5828V is a low-cost keypad with no wires to run. It mounts anywhere — on walls, tabletops and counters — and blends with any decor.

Homeowners can use the built-in family message center to record and play back voice messages.

For more information, contact Ademco at 414-766-1700 or visit

Aiphone unveils MK audio/video entry system

The MK audio/video entry security system from Aiphone is expandable for up to two door stations and three room monitor stations. The monitor station provides a clear, crisp image of a visitor in black and white, as well as door release.

Options for door stations include vandal-resistant, pan-and-tilt, wide-angle lenses and dual-call type.

For more information, contact Aiphone at 800-692-0200 or visit

Extreme CCTV’s day/night camera

The ZX55 from Extreme CCTV is an integrated day/night camera for 24/7 video vigilance to 200 feet, using only 50 watts of power. The camera features SuperLED infrared illumination, cable management, improved cooling system and DXL technology (dual-sensor, dual-lens performance) for day and night images. All the components are integrated into a single package for easy-to-use installation.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit

XP series crossover panel from Nitek

Nitek has introduced its XP series Crossover Panel products, a new line of equipment designed to simplify the connection and installation of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) video transmission systems. The products are multi-function units that provide camera power, punch-down termination blocks for cable crossover and optional RS422 distribution.

Videx announces IDPort access control system

IDPort from Videx restricts and audits access to electronic doors and gates. IDPort controls who has access and when, and provides a record of entries and denied entries.

The system uses iButton keys that can’t be duplicated. IDPort activates both electric strike and magnetic lock hardware. Keys can be quickly added to the system or disabled when lost.

For more information, contact Videx at 541-758-0521 or visit

OmniTek introduces OmniPC

OmniPC is a contactless smart card reader/writer that connects to a computer using a USB port and can read cards that conform to the ISO 14443A/B and 15693 standards, including Pico-Pass, Mifare, iClass and others.

OmniPC is OmniTek’s hardware platform for PC-based contactless smartcard applications including biometric enrollment, storing of digital photographs, logical access, and more.

For more information, contact OmniTek at 877-495-0996 or visit

WZ49ZN conical no-grip integrated day/night dome

The WZ49Zn from WizKid is designed to provide a complete package for 24-hour surveillance. It delivers quality color picture by day and up to 20 feet of night vision in complete darkness.

Its “safety-first” CNG design uses patent-pending technology to inhibit injury and suicide. Once mounted on the wall, this unit becomes almost impossible to grip or hang from. The WZ49Zn can be used in prisons, hospitals and schools to
provide vital protection and monitoring.

Elk introduces ELK-SWB14 enclosures

The ELK-SWB14 enclosures from Elk Products are built to house a security control with peripherals, as well as various manufacturers’ telephone, CATV and network structured wiring components because of the flexible hole pattern design and mounting accessories.

The product features knockouts for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1-1/4 inch conduit and standard electrical J box. The units measure 14.25 inch square by 3.5 inch deep with lockable cover.

For more information, contact Elk Products at 800-797-9355 or visit

Speco unveils DVR-X4/IP

Speco Technologies announces one of the newest additions to its ProVideo line of DVRs with the DVR-X4/IP, a four-camera input that has a 40GB HDD with room for a second HDD, a recording resolution of 720x480 or 720x240 or 352x240 pixels.

Other key features are multiple recording/search modes and one alarm output.

For more information, contact Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit them online at

Ditek rolls out alarm protection kit

The Alarm Protection Kit from Ditek brings together a group of surge protectors designed for residential alarm professionals.

Included in the kit is the 1F surge protector, which protects the power line and has a center screw to secure the transformer to the surge protector and the receptacle. The MRJ31XSCP surge protector protects the dialer on the alarm panel from surges on the telephone line.

For more information, contact Ditek at 800-753-2345 or visit