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Ingersoll Rand’s Von Duprin WS-Series Storm Shelter Exit Devices

The Von Duprin WS9827/9927 surface vertical rod exit device is certified to meet the new 2009 International Building Code standards that address the design and construction for structures designated as hurricane or tornado shelters.  The new exit devices are certified to ICC 500 Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, FEMA Publication 361 Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s Enhanced Hurricane Protection Areas (EHPA).

International Electronics’ eMerge 5000 Version 3.0

Emerge 5000 Version 3.0 includes major new enhancements, such as: regional anti-passback with occupancy, counting, a region-by-region roll call report, LDAP user authentication, time zone offsets for remote network nodes, long annotations, support for the Panasonic HD300 series DVRs, event acknowledgement commentary, and more.  Additionally, MYSQL has been replaced with new Progre SQL database manager. eMerge 5000 is a cost effective, flexible and foolproof solution and is available in a Basic, Intermediate or Enterprise systems.

3SI Security Systems’ RxTracker

Prescription drug thefts are on the rise throughout the nation. The RxTracker (RxT) is the solution to combat this crime. RxT is a miniaturized GPS-based tracking system designed to protect popular narcotic bottles.  During the thief’s escape, it provides police with very accurate location data allowing patrol officers to close in and arrest their suspect. 3SI’s asset tracking solutions capture the thief 70 percent of the time and have recovered more than $2.5M in stolen assets.


ASIS Booth No. 2753

Dedicated Micros’ EcoSense

Dedicated Micros - part of AD Group - announces its new entry-level EcoSense DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The EcoSense, which was on display for the first time at ISC West 2009, has been designed to deliver low cost multi-channel recording with simultaneous playback and viewing. A key advance for the EcoSense is the integration of on-board help videos to assist the user with operation and product configuration. The help videos are readily accessible from both the local and remote viewer.


ICx Technologies’ Fido Verdict

ICx Technologies introduces Fido Verdict, a palm-size instrument for rapidly identifying suspicious liquids, solids and powdered materials. Verdict has been designed to help military and law enforcement officials identify explosives, dangerous liquids, narcotics and other threats commonly listed by agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Verdict uses well-established Raman spectroscopy technologies to identify suspicious materials in various forms, including substances in sealed containers.

ABP Technology’s Mobotix Q24

New Megapixel Hemispheric 360 Degree IP camera with smart storage, POE, two-way audio and local processing.


ASIS Booth No. 718

Infinova’s Universal Security

Your advantage in the analog-digital transition Hybrid, multi-site, and multi-functional platform for transmission, switching and storage of video (analog or digital), audio, data, Gb Ethernet, alarm, and intercom; 40 Gb internal bus, 2.5 Gb fiber optic backbone up to 1024x1024 fully switchable videos per site; integration with Infinova products including NVR/VMS. Infinova is an innovative manufacture of complete system solution products at competitive prices backed with first-class services.


Keri Systems’ Doors.NET

Doors.NET is Keri’s newest software offering, designed to manage a system using the economical NXT IP-based controller with on-board Ethernet. Doors.NET is Keri’s most powerful software solution yet, and was designed within Microsoft’s .NET framework to provide enhanced speed and security, and has many advanced features, including Integrated Video Badging and Reflections Digital Video.  Keri will quickly expand the feature set to meet future more customer requirements.


ASIS Booth No. 2711

Steele’s Securimate FirstCall

Steele has launched a comprehensive FirstCall vehicle tracking and roadside emergency assistance service. With newly expanded operations center support, including highly trained 24/7 local expert staff, FirstCall provides peace of mind to business and leisure travelers and their families.


ASIS Booth No. 2334