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Firetide’s IVS-100

Firetide IVS-100 is an integrated wireless video surveillance solution supporting public safety and commercial security applications. Incorporating a Firetide HotPort wireless mesh node, IP camera or analog video camera with an encoder, and optional storage, the system is ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications. Designed for rapid deployment, IVS-100 delivers wireless connectivity, real-time video and edge-of-network storage.


ASIS Booth No. 447

Optellios FP1100-X - Self-Healing Fence Intrusion Detection System

The FP1100-X is the first and only fence perimeter security system that remains fully operational after the sensing cable has been severed. Using a pioneering distributed fiber loopback technology to re-route optical signals in the event of a cable cut, the FP1100-X system eliminates this common defeat mechanism, thus ensuring a previously unattainable level of perimeter security.


ASIS Booth No. 669

Cross Point’s TextAlert

TextAlert can wirelessly monitor up to 16 zones at a site with each zone having a customized text message that identifies each zone if a breach occurs. The text messages will be sent to designated message recipients. TextAlert is easy to set up and includes a double knock or dual sensor feature that eliminates false alarms. TextAlert includes a 20-hour battery back-up in the event of a power outage and is a perfect notification device for security guards and property managers.

Fire-Lite Alarms’ Economic, Non-Proprietary Fire Alarms

Fire-Lite Alarms’ new MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600UDLS fire alarm control panels offer faster polling speeds and support lower cost wire and annunciation devices. A factory-installed digital alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities coupled with a USB port and new Microsoft Windows-based programming tools are additional innovations made to benefit dealers. 
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ESX Booth #1608

Honeywell Power Products’ HPFF8 Fire Alarm Power Supply

Honeywell Power Products’ HPFF8 (FireForce 8) power supply is designed to expand fire alarm NACs (notification appliance circuit) and provide auxiliary power to 24-Volt system accessories. The HPFF8 supply can operate as a standalone or be activated by any 12- or 24-Volt fire alarm control panel. This UL/ANSI 864 9th Edition power supply’s exclusive EOL (end-of-line) resistor replacement feature and NAC trouble memory are unique technologies new to the marketplace.
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Silent Knight’s IFP-2000 Networkable, Scalable Fire Alarm Systems

Silent Knight has released the new IFP-2000 networkable and scalable fire alarm systems line, designed for medium- to large-size applications. For retrofits, IFP-2000 systems can utilize existing wire and increase overall point capacity to a maximum of 636 points per panel via a convenient SLC loop expander card. Up to eight IFP-2000 panels can be networked together as one large system or segmented into separate sites.
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ESX Booth #1611

ABM Data Systems’ Phoenix X.4.1.3

Phoenix X.4.1.3 is the latest release of the alarm automation software developed by ABM. Enhancements include more efficient alarm handling, archive/purge utility, expanded third-party video integration, IP receiver interfaces along with several customer requests. ABM offers a full array of add-on modules such as Remote Data Entry, Alarm Forwarding, Field Tech Access and an integrated Job Management application to compliment the Phoenix software.
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ESX Booth #923

Bosch Security Systems’ Divar MR

The Divar MR family of DVRs from Bosch combines high quality digital recording with flexible alarm handling, camera control and remote management into an integrated video management solution. The Divar MR is easy to install and operate, with one-touch recording and instant playback capabilities, and offers high-resolution recording with MPEG-4 compression for enhanced storage capacity.
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ESX Booth #2114

Security Information Systems’ Web Phone

At ESX 2009, Security Information Systems, Inc. (SIS) presents the Web Phone, the future of central station customer interaction. This Web-enabled service allows for instant remote connections to the central station from any web enabled device. Using a web enabled cellular phone (WAP), authorized service technicians can access real-time central station account status information, thereby allowing operators to attend to important dispatching of alarms. 
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ESX Booth #917

Pegasus Products’ Siamese Coax

Pegasus Products new line of siamese coax is offered in a 500’ roll and a 1000’ roll and features a 20 gauge solid copper center conductor, 95 percent braided copper shield, 18 gauge 2 conductor stranded copper and it is UL listed. Pegasus offers their line of quality wire at some of the lowest prices in the industry. For a 500’ roll (PRG59182/500) it is only $78.00 and for 1000’ roll (PRG59182/1000) it is only $156.00.
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ESX Booth #1225