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Is your social media strategy up to par?

If it’s not, your bottom line and reputation could be suffering, experts tell a CSAA audience

YARMOUTH, Maine—Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp.

If your alarm company isn’t familiar with these big hitters in social media, eventually it will be—whether you like it or not. The key is to embrace the tools that otherwise could be used against you, or at the very least used by your competition to profit at your expense.

SDA Security: Something old, something new

Friday, December 30, 2011

San Diego-based SDA Security is proud of its long history, but is known for being a forward-thinking company decidedly not stuck in the past. Now, a fun, new, “silent movie” commercial about the company on YouTube celebrates both its past and its present.

SDA, one of Southern California’s largest security systems providers, was started in 1930 and originally called the San Diego Burglar Alarm Company. The family-owned business changed its name in 1995 as it grew and broadened its selection of offerings for customers.

In 2007, Shandon Harbour became president, the third generation of her family to lead the company. According to the company website, she “restructured and reteamed SDA Security to represent its new advanced and cutting edge identity.”

Now Shandon and a variety of company employees star in a new YouTube commercial SDA created to help promote its services. The commercial seems like an old-time “silent movie,” and is fun to watch while it effectively shows all the company has to offer customers.

Here’s what Megan O’Neal, SDA marketing communications coordinator, told Security Systems News about the commercial spot in an email communication: “We gathered some costumes, some camera equipment, some employees, and shot an old-West bank-heist video with SDA Security coming to the rescue at the end … It shows the fun side to the security business many people may not see very often.”

Check it out!

I like it when integrators get aggressive

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I’m not 100 percent sure that end users completely know what Chris Wise is talking about in the below, so not sure how well it works as a marketing vehicle, but I like the swagger he’s got going here:

Sort of manic and all over the map, right? But did you watch it again? I did.