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At one conference and thinking about getting organized for the next

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I’m down in Delray Beach running our TechSec conference that started yesterday. We’ll be wrapping up tonight with our “last session,” a party outside by the pool where we’ll do some socializing and honor members of Security Director News’ 20 under 40, class of 2012. Click here to see who they are.

We have some coverage of the conference on the newswire—on the Mobile Apps session, Video Analytics session and the keynote—but we’ll have more stories online and in our printed publication in the next week.

As always, there’s been lots of great networking opportunities at TechSec. Among the many interesting things I heard about this morning was this from Ray Coulombe of We were talking about how ISC West is fast approaching, and he told me about a new, free feature on his site, where you can map an orderly ISC West booth visit schedule.

Check it out. You go to the homepage

Click on the “Create ISC West Booth Visit plan,” button, enter the products that you’re interested in seeing. Voila! a nice, organized list of folks who make those products and their booth numbers.
Simple and slick. I’m going to be wicked organized this year.