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I-View Now focuses on dealer program

Former Honeywell exec joins the company

HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now is focusing on its dealer program, including rolling out a new portal and bringing on former Honeywell exec Marek Robinson as a business development consultant.

‘Don’t be the next Blockbuster’

Honeywell lays out ways it is embracing change

ORLANDO, Fla.—Nobody in the security industry wants to be the next Blockbuster, according to Marek Robinson, president of Honeywell’s dealer groups. That’s why they need to embrace change, even if it can be unnerving, he said.

Honeywell hosts three dealer organizations for CONNECT 2013


MELVILLE, N.Y.—Representatives of Honeywell’s three largest dealer organizations will gather for the first time at the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA Live Nov.7-10 for the CONNECT 2013 Conference.

Honeywell welcomes The Alarm Company as dealer


MELVILLE, N.Y.—Honeywell today welcomed The Alarm Company, based in Madison, Miss., to its First Alert Professional Dealer Program, according to a company statement.

New First Alert leader aims to 'reinvent' the program

Marek Robinson says Honeywell dealer network has had "a phenomenal year" but can do even better

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.— Marek Robinson, the new leader of First Alert Professional, says his hiring is an example of Honeywell Security Products’ renewed focus on its premier dealer program.

Honeywell aims at doubling residential penetration

Honeywell’s Harkins also calls the DIY trend ‘an opportunity’ to make products so appealing that self-installation ‘doesn’t make sense’

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.—Honeywell Security Products President Scott Harkins said last week that he believes the industry’s residential security penetration rate could double to 40 percent, and that Honeywell aims to become “the Apple of the industrial world,” combating the growin

Sandy is gone, and Honeywell has new president of authorized dealer groups

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here in Hollywood, Fla. on the first night of Honeywell’s annual First Alert Professional Convention, the weather is balmy and we dined on shrimp and key lime pie—and felt lucky to be here.

Not too many days ago Florida was being buffeted by the high winds generated by Hurricane Sandy, and of course other parts of the East Coast—particularly New Jersey, the state Honeywell calls home—took a beating from it early this week.

And what with the damage, loss of power and thousands of cancelled flights, some East Coast dealers areas who regularly attend this event haven’t been able to make it this year.

Still, attendance tonight at the convention, called Connect 2012, looked strong. And Honeywell officials tell me that while they don’t have an official count yet, they’re pleased at the numbers who did make it. The conference attracts dealers from across the nation and Canada. There also are dealers from places such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad. I had interesting conversations with some of those attendees at dinner.

And I’m looking forward to the first full day of the conference tomorrow. Among those we’ll hear from is Marek Robinson, a longtime Honeywell employee who recently was promoted to be president of authorized dealer groups.

Robinson, with Honeywell since 1995 and most recently western region director of sales for Honeywell Systems, will be focusing on the First Alert Professional and Commercial Security Systems dealer programs. He'll be introducing himself at the convention to dealers who haven't met him yet. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say.