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Door knocking in Hawaii generates concerns

Alarm association warns residents of deceptive sales techniques, though no offending companies named

HONOLULU—After hearing complaints that summer-sales-model companies in Hawaii this summer are using deceptive sales practices, the Hawaii Burglar and Fire Alarm Association decided to warn homeowners itself

Select Security gears up for summer

Egan: Selling for an in-state company should be easier sale

LANCASTER, Pa.—Last summer, Select Security, a super-regional alarm company based here, successfully experimented with a summer model program to beat the big boys at their own game.
This summer, the company is going further: It is not only repeating its summer sales program but has hired sales representatives from some of the big companies to run it.

Summer sales: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

Select Security sets up a mini-summer-sales model

LANCASTER, Pa.—Select Security, a super-regional based here, facing competition from big national summer-model companies, tried an experiment this past summer doing what the big boys do.

Why is Martha in Texas knocking on doors?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well, because of stories like this, that are all over the ‘net:

We need to better understand what’s going on in the industry if we’re going to continue this dialogue. Stories like these are becoming the scourge of the alarm biz, and there are plenty of reputable alarm companies that using door-knocking as a sales tool.

How is it done right?

Look for a special report on this from Security Systems News in October.