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On Location: Central Station with Security Partners

Company to offer Mace brand products

LAS VEGAS—Security Partners officially opened its fourth central station here, following its November announcement, and now its dealers are going to offer a line of exclusive M

Security Partners' upcoming plans in the west

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In February, Security Partners appointed Rick Guzman to the role of west coast operations manager, where he will be overseeing both the new Las Vegas facility as well as the Anaheim facility. I got to speak with Guzman, as well as Bob Schott, director of information technologies at Security Partners, about what this role will entail.

A big item currently on Rick’s plate is getting the Las Vegas location ready for its opening ceremony at ISC West.

In order to meet this date, Guzman is hoping to get the facility up and running by the beginning of April.

Anything special planned for the ceremony? Other than tours, there are a couple of surprises planned, Schott said.

“A priority is people. … Making sure that we have enough people to take care of both facilities, the current dealer base, and also to be prepared for the growth we’re looking at,” Guzman said.

Part of this growth might come from the ability to show the new facility at ISC West, they said.

“Rick is also going to be a key player in establishing that continuity between the four central stations, evaluating best practices across the organization and putting that into production,” Schott said.

Schott said this will involve weekly evaluations with the staff in each location, and “taking the best of what each of our four centers have to offer, and then translating that into a standard operating procedure for the entire organization.”

Another duty for Guzman is connecting both of these facilities with the network of Security Partners’ other facility in San Antonio, and headquarters in Lancaster, Pa. This involves a redundancy to a point where each location could handle communications from all four stations at one time.

Security Partners to open fourth location

Las Vegas as the strategic next step

LANCASTER, Pa.—Security Partners announced Nov. 25 that it is opening a new 7,424- square-foot central station in Las Vegas, adding to its national network of three other locations.