Evolving IoT: Why standards and cyber security matter more than ever

The Internet of Things continues to grow (to an estimated 20 to 50 billion devices by 2020) and cyber security and interoperability are becoming ever more crucial. Technological isolation is no longer an option as the prevalence of intercommunication between different devices and software accelerates. During this webcast, attendees will learn how ONVIF is standardizing communication between IP-based physical security products and how ONVIF uses cryptographic protocols, certificate-based client authentication and keystores to help keep IP physical security communications secure.

Webcast highlights include:

·      An understanding of broad standardization of cyber security outside the physical security industry

·      The merging of physical and cyber security

·      How current ONVIF profiles address cyber security concerns

·      What constitutes a secure communication between devices and clients

·      IoT’s cyber security threats, the cloud and the role standards can play in physical security’s approach to both

Presenter (s): 
Jonathan Lewit, ONVIF Communications Committee Chair; Director of Technology Leadership for Pelco by Schneider Electric
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, Publisher, Security Systems News