The Heat Is On: Thermal Imaging and Detection

How is thermal technology—traditionally used for military, law enforcement and public safety—now widely deployed within commercial and nongovernmental sectors?

This webcast will answer that question and more! Feel the heat with the Security Industry Association and Security Systems News in the next installment of our 2016 Emerging Technology Webcast Series. You’ll hear from our sponsor FLIR and FLIR Training Manager Tom Hoffman as he addresses the future of thermal technology.

Topics include:

·      What are the advantages of thermal technology?

·      How is thermal technology deployed in commercial spaces?

·      What are traditional uses for thermal technology?

·      How reliable are thermal analytics?

What are potential future uses of thermal technology?

Presenter (s): 
Tom Hoffman, Training Manager, FLIR
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, VP & Group Publisher, Security Systems News