How to Hire a Sales Superstar

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 3

Proven method for hiring better salespeople

Did you know?

·      Traditional interviewing techniques are only 14% accurate, while 90% of hiring decisions are made from the interview

·      More than 30 million people have secured a job by lying on their resumes

·      The cost of hiring mistakes is at least 3 times the annual compensation of a new hire

Don’t be caught in the trap of hiring the wrong people. Take this webcast and learn the process of hiring more efficiently and effectively.

This webcast will cover:

·      Identifying, attracting and screening top candidates

·      1st and 2nd phone interviews

·      Making a job offer

·      What needs to happen in the first 90 days to insure sales success

And more

Start hiring great salespeople today!

Event Powerpoint

Presenter (s): 
Gretchen Gordon, Sales Team Transformation Expert, Braveheart Sales Performance, Brian Duffy, VP and Managing Director of Electronic Security, Per Mar Security