Wearable Security Devices: A Good Fit?

Wearable surveillance devices have a defined space in the areas of law enforcement and transportation (bus and subway operators), and they can serve as a situational awareness and forensic security solution for enterprises with large security forces. Wearables also have the ability to provide solutions for passive access control and personal emergency response (both for seniors, and solutions for general security). Are there opportunities for wearable devices to become the new normal for security industry? 

In this webcast, you hear from our sponsor, Panasonic on these questions and more: 
· Which markets are maximizing the use of wearable technology? 
· What challenges do manufacturers, integrators and end users face? 
· What features are being widely utilized? 
· What storage options are available?

Presenter (s): 
Greg Peratt VP, Sales, PSCNA - VI Business Operations, Panasonic
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, Vice President and Group Publisher, Security Systems News