How to Hire a Sales Superstar

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 3

Proven method for hiring better salespeople

Did you know?

·      Traditional interviewing techniques are only 14% accurate, while 90% of hiring decisions are made from the interview

Advanced solutions for fire, smoke and oil mist detection using video analytics

Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:00pm ET

Join this webcast to understand the concepts of video analytics and how systems can be integrated in listed and non-listed applications. We’ll decipher video image detection technology and explain how video analytics can be applied in different environments. 

Topics include:

Applying Smart Video to Harness Big Data

Tuesday, August 5 • 1 pm ET

The rise in the volume and detail of information captured by enterprise business systems, social media and the Internet of Things has left enterprises with a glut of data that they don’t know how to use.