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“40 under 40” Class of 2019 — Stephanie Higgins, 33

“40 under 40” Class of 2019 — Stephanie Higgins, 33 Senior Director of Human Resources, Securitas Electronic Security Inc.

Stephanie Higgins joined Securitas in 2016 and now has a leadership role with a wide variety of HR responsibilities, including employee relations, human resource information systems (HRIS), policy development, rewards and compensation, associate development programs and special projects.

“It has been an amazing and positive experience with Securitas,” she said. “I enjoy designing new programs, working with a great leadership team, and helping to make our associates their very best.”

Higgins said some top security trends include cloud solutions, drones, biometrics and artificial intelligence. “All of these technologies are having an impact on the security industry today,” she said. “However, their biggest contributions will come as the technologies develop and evolve to align with operational and security needs of the industry. I am always amazed by continual advancement of technology and innovation in the security industry.”

She believes artificial intelligence is the most exciting new security technology “because it can take us from a reactive approach to a proactive one. Data and information from all types of devices, especially security devices, will be able to help security professionals predict and take proactive actions to reduce ricks and improve safety for clients. It's an exciting combination of technology and people, with very diverse breath of application.”

In regard to getting more talented, diverse young people involved in security, Higgins said to start early.

“The earlier the better in the career process can make such a positive impact on young people,” she explained. “College is a great place to start; high school would be an even better time to introduce the career opportunities of the security industry to students deciding on their future college studies. There is a long runway for opportunities and a lot of different paths for success.”


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