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Being nimble in trying times

Being nimble in trying times

I've been hearing and seeing the use of the word "nimble" lately when it comes to security businesses continuing their success during this trying time of the coronavirus, working from home and social distancing as our new norm. A recent example comes from an "online panel organized by Arcules" in which Ryan Schonfeld, founder & CEO of RAS Security Group and" SSN “40 under 40” class of 2019" said:�“ � I think being able to be�nimble�and adapt to changes quickly is going to be critical.”

What does “nimble” actually mean and how can it be used in business?

According to Merriam-Webster, nimble is an adjective that means quick and light in motion, like being agile as well as marked by quick, alert, clever conception or resourcefulness, responsive and sensitive.

For me, the word nimble brings back memories of nursery rhymes��— “Jack be nimble; Jack be quick; Jack jump over the candlestick.” Which, you're jumping over fire, it's a good quality to be “light in motion, agile.”

Let's suppose for a minute that the candlestick in full flame in this age-old “rap” is 6-foot-tall and represents the coronavirus and let's pretend you're Jack, a well-dressed, savvy, security-industry business man (or woman, “Jackaline”). The only thing holding you back from your next million-dollar deal is a 6-foot burning candle right in front of your face.

You can see the wax melting, drip by drip and feel the heat from the flame. You have no room to back up and gain momentum as you run forward to leap over it; there's no room on either side to sneak past; there's no way under it; there is no sort of hoist to lift you over dangling from the ceiling � it's just you and a 6-foot burning candle. What are you doing to do?

Simple. Be nimble. Be quick, agile, clever and resourceful. Be responsive yet sensitive.

  1. Quick - fast in development � make/devise a plan.�
  2. Agile - well coordinated in movement � effectively execute the plan.
  3. Clever - mentally bright, sharp intelligence � use the things you've learned in the past, and don't be afraid to try and learn new things.
  4. Resourceful - capable of devising a way � don't second guess yourself; once you've made a plan, stick to it, but also be “responsive” to your plan.�
  5. Responsive - being prompt and willing � ready and inclined to take charge and make changes if necessary to your plan, business, personal life, etc.
  6. Sensitive - aware of and responsive to the feelings of others � consider your employees and customers needs, and do whatever you can to help.�


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