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End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Amrinder Dhinsa

End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Amrinder Dhinsa

Amrinder Dhinsa, 32

Corporate manager for security and parking, William Osler Health System

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In his role at William Osler, Amrinder Dhinsa oversees security for two acute care facilities, the Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital, and one urgent care facility, the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, which is slated to open up in early 2017.

“My duties consist of security and parking infrastructure, manpower, security systems, and planning and implementing for all three facilities as well as providing consulting services and audit services for some of our offsite clinics,” Dhinsa explained.

Dhinsa got his first start in security with William Osler back in 2005 at the old Peel Memorial Hospital, which was knocked down in order to build the new urgent care facility. He then worked for Paladin Security Group for 11 years, before starting with William Osler again less than a year ago. “Throughout my career with Paladin, I was still involved with William Osler, providing services on the private side, so it was nice to return to William Osler,” he said.

Dhinsa's biggest security challenge today is getting all three facilities on one platform, with security systems that can be mirrored at all three facilities. “I have been working through any deficiencies and integrating the systems across all three facilities so there is continuity in the security systems being provided, which we were able to do to a certain extent with access control and CCTV,” he said. Dhinsa's target date to have all facilities on one platform is 2018.

On the technology front, Dhinsa said he is excited about new capabilities with analytics software, which “narrows down the time an operator spends to investigate a system or event and solve that investigation from hours to minutes.”


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