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End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Jon Harris

End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Jon Harris

Jon Harris, 34

Senior manager, international trade compliance, security & property, sensors & integrated systems, UTC Aerospace Systems

Burnsville, Minn.

Jon Harris has been working in security at UTC Aerospace Systems, a United Technologies company, for more than five years.

“We are the largest provider of aerospace systems, components, service and repair in the world,” said Harris, who has both physical security and government security compliance under his purview, as well as the maintenance of facility security clearances, classified programs and all associated compliance requirements.

“I also oversee customer property, which includes obligations we have to the government or specific customers for property they own and we operate,” he explained. “I also manage international trade compliance, which includes adherence to U.S. and other global export and import customs compliance requirements and regimes.”

One of the challenges in this role is the global applicability of the UTC Aerospace Systems program. “The challenges are different from here in the U.S. to Europe to Asia to Africa, so my goal is to identify and determine how to globalize our program and make it work in all of the various areas where we are trying to implement it.”

On the technology side, Harris is most excited about the opportunity to leverage broader big data components. This includes looking at different streams of information available within UTC Aerospace Systems' physical security systems and migrating that information in a way that allows for more post-event or reactive reviews and incident management investigations, as well as more predictive analysis. “The technology helps our security professionals make proactive decisions or review certain things proactively to help thwart or otherwise mitigate adverse incidents,” said Harris.


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