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End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Tyrone Chambliss

End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Tyrone Chambliss

Tyrone Chambliss, 34

Director, brand protection - security systems, Flex

Austin, Texas

At Flex, one of the world's leading electronics sketch-to-scale manufacturers with over 200 locations globally, Ty Chambliss works in the Brand Protection department, refining security systems technology and intellectual property.

“My role is to manage and oversee the strategy and execution of our security systems—access control and surveillance,” said Chambliss. “I've got to look at our locations across the world with the constant need to deploy, improve and refresh our security technology based on various risk levels and customer needs.”

Chambliss, who started out in IT operations for Flex about nine years ago, got his first chance to work in security about five years ago when the company's physical security group came to IT to ask for support on deploying a security system. “I had a strong interest in that, because my hobby is video and photo production, so when it came to surveillance I found a passion in it, volunteered to help, and found that I adapted to it very easily,” he explained. “Over the past five years I have been involved with multiple security systems deployments and physical security vulnerability assessments. I have been in this position for three years now.”

With a strong IT background, Chambliss is very excited about the integration between business system tools and security systems. “In addition to driving operational efficiencies by leveraging technology and bringing value to our security operations, we can take HR and IT systems and integrate them with our security system to create a completely automated onboarding and termination systems process,” he said. “We can also use data analytics to improve time efficiency and productivity with our workforce and figure out ways to be more efficient, faster and more controlled. By having integrated data with the different systems put together, you can do a lot more.”


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