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Google's new patent factors in resi security

Google's new patent factors in resi security

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Home security is on Google's agenda, according to its recently acquired patent for “Security Scoring in a Smart-Sensored Home.”

The patent, filed last fall and published this March, includes the offering of “security scores” to alert customers if they are correctly using their security systems, according to Venture Beat.

In addition to a number of smart home features, the Google patent details its “smart doorknob” and “smart doorbell.”

The doorknob comes with a remote-controlled lock. The doorbell, which would go up against startups such as August and Kwikset, according to Digital Trends, would recognize the person at the door, communicate the information via “registered mobile device” and then remotely unlock the door. According to Digital Trends, if an occupant receives a notice from his or her smart doorbell that a trusted person is approaching, the occupant can use a mobile device to unlock the door, or he or she can use an audible command to unlock the door.

The patent also includes “smart entry detectors” for windows and doors. The detectors will send alerts through wireless communications such as ZigBee when windows or doors are open and broken, Digital Trends said.

“[Google's plan] goes beyond just connecting everything in your home; Google wants to tie the community together, too. A burglary three houses down would cause your lights to flick on and your smart lock to engage,” Digital Trends said in its report.


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