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How I Use my System

How I Use my System David Smith, director of marketing and communications, COPS Monitoring

What kind of security system do you have?

I have a Honeywell Vista 20P with Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypads.

Why this particular setup?

There was an older Vista installed when I bought my house many years ago. Over time, I gradually added devices such as wireless smokes, key fobs, and garage door control. When lifestyle services began to emerge, I upgraded my panel to the Vista 20P, activated Total Connect, and installed the new Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi keypads that include Z-Wave and camera control and other convenience features.

What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?

I definitely wouldn't live without the protection that my monitored security system and smoke detectors provide, but when it comes to convenience, I'd have to say that COPS Monitoring's MPower Me is at the top of my list. There's a lot I can do with MPower Me from my computer, tablet, and smartphone including placing my system on test, viewing my alarm history, and—most importantly—I can also see information relating to alarm events such as details of verification calls made, who answered, what passcode was given, and whether my family is okay. Currently, no other lifestyle product that I'm aware of provides this level of information and peace of mind.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big technological trends?

I think we'll continue to see security becoming more integrated with other technology at the customers' premises. Not only will more integration give end users more choices and more control than ever, but I also believe it will create significant consumer demand. I'm also starting to hear more and more about mobile personal emergency response systems (PERS).


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