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Integrators '20 under 40' 2017—David Beckett

Integrators '20 under 40' 2017—David Beckett

David Beckett, 40

COO, Security Grade Protective Services Ltd.


David Beckett said his role as COO is to “provide the electronic systems integration portion” to a quickly growing security business. “I joined my partner in 2014, and we turned what was then a guard company into a full service security firm,” Beckett explained, noting that he is in charge of everything from manufacturer representation and picking out the equipment, to vendor services and monitoring services—“the whole nine yards!” he said.

Beckett pointed out that the company did about $2 million in revenue in its first year and has been getting acquisition offers ever since. In July, the company completed a deal to be acquired by Helix TCS, a provider of integrated security, technology, and compliance solutions for legal cannabis businesses nationwide.

“So, currently I am the CIO of Helix TCS as well the COO of Security Grade,” he said. “I am developing a lot of the technologies and processes for Helix, along with a few other ideas they have for me.”

Security Grade does a lot of security work in the cannabis industry, and to help these businesses solve the problem of diversion and constant break-ins, Beckett created a surveillance operations center and program “with mobile operators who are in touch with the surveillance operators,” which has proven to be very successful, he said.

Beckett, who has been around electronics and security equipment since his father started a ham radio company when he was nine years old, said he sees the DIY trend opening up opportunities for security dealers.

“You have these newer technologies that are empowering the DIYers, but then they are going to need to be taught and trained how to use all of this stuff and possibly install it for them still,” he pointed out. “It is this new market niche that is out there that is huge.”


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