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ISS poised for another big year

ISS poised for another big year Global VMS and analytics company gaining traction in the U.S.

WOODBRIDGE, N.J.—Intelligent Security Systems, a global Video Management Systems (VMS) solutions company with natively developed analytics, completed another highly successful year, with plans to continue to expand its reach in North America, particularly the U.S. in 2019, ISS CEO Aluisio Figueiredo told Security Systems News.

“We have an established in presence in the Americas, and we are now focusing on cultivating new business opportunities in the security and business intelligence markets. I will be personally involved in driving new initiatives,” Figueiredo told SSN. “The Americas is high on our list of priorities and with the launch of SecurOS 10, we believe that ISS is poised for incredible growth in this global region.” Overall, the company continues to see strong growth at a rate between 30-40 percent year over year, he added.

As a computer engineer from Brazil, after 9/11 Figueiredo saw “an opportunity to start doing business in Latin America, a market that was in need of technology and apparently where the competitors were not addressing it properly,” he explained. “At that time we were already doing LPR, so we were quite advanced and started growing in Latin America and in Eastern Europe. We built our foundation there and began to expand out to being the third largest VMS provider globally today. We are growing so fast because we have the VMS on one side, which is enterprise level, and feature rich that can address all the needs in the market. And then on the other side we have native intelligent analytics, which we are No. 2 globally, and No. 1 in most of the market.”

“Our holistic surveillance solutions uniquely combine our native analytics and comprehensive VMS platform into seamless solutions that resolve users' specific needs with the highest levels of intelligence. This is a unique value proposition for ISS,” added Janet Fenner, Chief Marketing Officer, ISS.

“ISS has a number of patents for our portfolio of intelligent analytics,” said Figueiredo. “These innovative solutions are largely made possible by employing advanced deep learning and template-based algorithms to provide pinpoint accuracy. We were also the first company to apply AI in our analytics and have been using neural networks since 2004—so we can easily adapt, change or fix anything in-house.”

He continued, “Most companies are presenting AI technology as one size fits all, which is not really true at all. There is a lot of hard work that goes into ensuring that we deliver precisely what the customer wants and actually needs, which includes building the right neural frameworks, and creating the right algorithms, for example. There is a big difference from how marketing brochures and Hollywood films depict AI, and what you can do in real life. ISS is all about what is real today.”

The company's technology is being used heavily for city surveillance, including safe and smart cities, as well as transportation, critical infrastructure, schools and universities, and public venues. For example, ISS has been in charge of global events, such as the Rio Olympics, and the Russian and Brazilian World Cup, most recently.

On the product side, the company recently introduced its SecurOS v.10 VMS featuring an updated, highly-intuitive GUI designed to accommodate multiple clients and the ability to easily manage large systems with infinite scalability. Additional enhancements include a new web client for remote access, robust cybersecurity updates, 64-bit edition for faster throughput and larger capacity, enhanced native failover operations, H.265 Intel QSV support and a brand new Evidence Manager. SecurOS v.10 is also designed to seamlessly integrate with a host of powerful analytics developed by ISS.

“We are a privately-held company, so every single dollar we generate goes back into the product to add more features and capabilities,” said Figueiredo. “Our portfolio has expanded over the years based on customers' requests for new and groundbreaking solutions, and as ISS has continued to grow, so has our ability to innovate. SecurOS v.10 exemplifies this with new functionality that delivers a better user experience with better outcomes for both security and business intelligence applications.”

And while the company creates its own analytics in-house, Fenner pointed out that ISS “fully integrates with top companies in the industry today, such as Axis, Hanwha, and Bosch, for example, with the ability to completely integrate, whereas as a lot of companies/competitors do not.”

ISS currently has 16 offices around the globe, including 250 employees, and a strong R&D infrastructure across all of its locations that the company has built up over the past 15-plus years.


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