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Kickoff the year with SIA’s Women in Security Forum [email protected]$$ event

Kickoff the year with SIA’s Women in Security Forum [email protected]$$ event Melanie Spring to provide a one-hour workshop – Manifest the Life You Want In 2021

Kickoff the year with SIA’s Kick@$$ event

SILVER SPRING, Md.--The Security Industry Association (SIA), in sponsorship with Intel, will present a unique event, the SIA Women in Security Forum [email protected]$$ Kickoff, on Jan. 13, from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET, featuring Melanie Spring, who will present her Manifest the Life You Want In 2021 workshop.

“Most humans have a woo-woo idea of what manifesting is – and that it comes from feeling,” Spring told Security Systems News. “To me, manifesting is VERY practical and gives us a better sense of control based on the actual definitions of manifest. In 2020, we saw our life visions fall apart and come back together in a totally new way – sometimes better than before. In 2021, I hope to allow more people to take back control of their lives even in the midst of a pandemic.”

In addition to a one-hour live workshop and discussion led by Spring, attendees will get access to a printable and fillable workbook, experience a deep visualization and be introduced to a community to hold them accountable. The event is for “anyone who needs a little boost of confidence,” especially following one of the most challenging years in our nation’s history.

“My hope is that you walk away with a step-by-step way of getting everything you want along with taking time to really think about what you want before going out to get it,” said Spring. “When you leave, I hope you have the inspiration to take at least the next step - or at least know that you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way.”

For Spring, working with WISF, and highlighting diversity, is an important aspect of the event, and one that will make the event that much better.

“Diversity is most important these days because it gives us a better perspective on the world, our work and on what we can become – better humans,” she said. “I'm excited to work with WISF to challenge you to think bigger, dream in ways you've never thought possible and get everything you could want.”

For those interested in participaring, please click here.


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