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SSN honors '20 under 40' End User Class of 2017

SSN honors '20 under 40' End User Class of 2017 Winners exemplify how the industry is now driven by IT, new tech

YARMOUTH, Maine—Security Systems News is excited to introduce and honor its “20 under 40” End User Class of 2017, made up of the next generation of security professionals leading the industry today.

Each of these winners shares a passion for what they do, as well as a thirst for knowledge of the industry, new technologies and professional development.

A new theme for this year, and one that reflects what is going on in the industry today, is the focus on IT, specifically information security and cybersecurity.

“There was always a separation between IT and physical security, but it is important for us to be working together for oversight and collaboration,” Amanda O'Loughlin, security supervisor for Crane Currency, pointed out. “We can't do it alone and we don't want any one person having too much power. I already see it with our integrators needing much more knowledge about network security, how to design a network and connect and communicate across different networks.”

O'Loughlin sees “continued development in that area of collaboration between physical security and IT” as everyone tries to stay one step ahead of hacking and data breaches, especially with remote and mobile access becoming more prominent in security.

With physical and information security merging, many in this year's class pointed to the increasing importance of data, from securing it to mining it for actionable info.

Matt Cain, senior investigator—Corporate Security for Verizon, is excited about the potential of predictive analytics and the use of data.

“Extracting what you think might be completely irrelevant information, plugging it into a model and eventually seeing a positive ROI can be pretty rewarding,” he said. “Unfortunately for our industry, we can sometimes be seen as reactive versus proactive, but this technology can help change that stigma by getting in front of problems and being more forward thinking.”

Dan Sadler, director - Security Shared Services, Exelon Corp., agrees, noting that there is an opportunity with “big data solutions on both the physical and cyber side that have analytic and real time alerting capability, so you build certain use cases around physical and logical behavior.”

Dave Harben, enterprise leader of asset protection, Ascena Retail Group, also highlighted analytics—more specifically prescriptive analytics—as an up-and-coming technology, one that will help people to be more efficient. “You can get a lot of data from very different data pools, and you get a lot of information, and it gives you the ability to react very quickly,” he said.

Jessica Borst, security specialist - financial and data analyst/physical security services project manager, Ferguson, expects data will be more relevant to security in the future, such as in “continuing to identify areas that we can use data to pinpoint what we need to improve. The information's already out there; it's just a matter of figuring out a way to use that.”

As end users look for ways to protect both data and physical assets, Brady A. Phelps, physical security supervisor, Grant County Public Utility District, said the need for cybersecurity is heightened and predicts more of an overlap between physical and cyber. “I think that each and every physical security professional is going to have to open up to the idea that they're going to have to be cybersecurity professionals as well.”

SSN is very happy to recognize every winner in this year's class and will honor all of its “20 under 40” honorees at a special reception during its TechSec Solutions conference, an event focused on new and emerging technologies in the physical security space. TechSec will be held in Delray Beach, Fla., Feb. 26 and 27, 2018.

Included below are this year's “20 under 40” End User winners:

John Baranski II, BNY Mellon

Rahul Bhardwaj, FIS Global

Jessica Borst, Ferguson

Matt Cain, Verizon

Rob Creedon, MassDOT

Michael Glasser, Microsoft Global Security

Dave Harben, Ascena Retail Group

Tyson Johnson, Aurora Health Care

Max Kidd, University of Texas at Arlington

Bryan Kramer, Noble Energy Inc.

Billy Langenstein, U.S. Bank Stadium

Daniel Lowrey, Switch LTD.

Armando Martinez, Bob's Discount Furniture

Amanda O'Laughlin, Crane Currency

Brady Phelps, Grant County Public Utility District

Derrick Provencher, MAPFRE Insurance

Daniel Sadler, Exelon Corporation

Joshua Wagner, Saint Luke's Health System

JR Webb, Square Inc.

Jeff Worrall, Palantir


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