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TechSec 2011 educational program details announced

TechSec 2011 educational program details announced Real-world solutions using IP-based security

DALLAS—Preliminary details of the 2011 TechSec Solutions educational program were announced by conference organizers on Oct. 14, day three of the ASIS show here. Sponsored by Security Systems News and Security Director News, the seventh annual TechSec Solutions conference will take place Feb. 13-15 in Delray Beach, Fla.

“How IP technology and physical security can be used creatively and cost-effectively to solve real-world problems has always been the focus of TechSec Solutions,” said Tim Purpura, group publisher of Security Systems News and Security Director News. “This year, that focus will be sharpened with case-study solutions from different vertical markets.”

Designed for integrators, end users, installers, manufacturers and other security professionals, TechSec is the premier conference discussing IP-based technology's impact on the security marketplace and the newest advances in security technology. Its panel discussions and presentations are known for being thoughtful and thought-provoking, and the exhibit hall is reserved for companies with the newest IP-based technology, and those integration firms who know how to deploy it. For more information or to register, visit

Below are highlights of the TechSec 2011 educational program. More details will be announced in coming weeks.

Back to school: How IT-smarts and school security systems integration expertise helped to safeguard students and protecting technology investments.

Looking for a state-of-the-art, but affordable security upgrade, a Long Island, N.Y. school district hired security systems integrator A+ Technologies to complete a major video surveillance and access control integration project that involved 1,200 doors integrated with 850 IP cameras. How'd this project come about and how did the integrator make this happen while working within a school district's strict time and budget constraints? This session will explore how A+ was able to save the district tens of thousands of dollars and leverage the district's existing network. You'll also learn about the standards-based, open platform VMS used in the deployment. The VMS is flexible and can be upgraded to include add-ons such as: allowing the police department remote access to the system, and integration of the school's PA system with the video surveillance and access control solution. How'd this all come together?

Presenters: A+ Technology Solutions, Bay Shore, N.Y.

Security in the cloud: How cloud computing will affect the future delivery of managed physical security services.

Jumbi Edulbehram VP of business development, Next Level Security Systems

Steve van Till, president and CEO, Brivo

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications

John Moss, president and CEO, S2 Security

Security for Profit: Timely Intelligence Drives Sales Operations in Retail

Hear a real-world example of how The Home Depot leverages advanced and accurate video technologies, such as point-of-sale and shopper counting, to understand shopper behavior and drive sales operations within its stores. This session will include details of a new store-wide video surveillance application which enables security personnel at The Home Depot to monitor store activity from virtually anywhere on the network, allowing them to quickly identify and investigate repetitive sales, suspicious returns, and potential instances of identity theft. The retailer also installed cameras to help monitor certain areas to ensure their store's security and enhance profitability.

Tom Sabga, Verint, VP of retail sales

Mick Pinneke, senior director of asset protection, The Home Depot, Inc.

Specifiers: Why should you be working with them, and what's the best way to engage with them?

How can integrators most effectively work with consultants in the pre-specification phase and the post-specification period? Ray Coulombe, founder of several companies in the security surveillance space, including, will lead a frank and candid discussion focused on the opportunities and risks associated with the interaction between these two groups. What happens when things work well and what happens when they don't?

Ray Coulombe, principal,

End user, integrator and specifier groups will be represented

Metro Metrics: Using video surveillance to reduce crime in the city

This session will highlight the proven benefits that IP video surveillance brings to municipal environments that are having problems with crime in public areas. Learn how a major ongoing video surveillance installation in the City of Rochester, N.Y. is recognized as a powerful tool that augments the abilities of its police officers, increases situational awareness and enhances safety. Real-life results of this project include an 80 percent reduction in crime in target areas, increased traffic at local businesses, and thankful neighborhood residents.

Lee Caswell, founder and chief marketing officer, Pivot3

David Coleman, principal, Avrio RMS Group

What's Really Possible? Using Intelligent Surveillance Technologies to Improve Customer Service and Sales, Reduce Retail Theft

In this session, panelists will walk through three scenarios and discuss what's actually feasible today and what we have to look forward to in the future. For example, it may not currently be feasible to monitor how much cash is in a register using video technologies, but how can POS and exception-based reporting data be integrated with video data to flag suspicious transactions? Similarly, dwell time data is an important metric for retailers, however, it can be difficult and expensive to get it right. What are the options? Learn how surveillance technologies can tie into core business values to improve daily business transactions and increase bottom-line metrics.

Joe Davis, senior manager, Retail Loss Prevention Operations, T-Mobile

Cory Deily, director of security and loss prevention, Redner's Markets, Inc

Vector Security

Stephen Russell, founder and chairman, 3VR

Panel Discussion: Look Ma, no wires. Where wireless security technology is now, and what it will be capable of in the near future?

Mark Jarman, president Inovonics

Ralph Bell, senior video product consultant, Motorola

Enterprise PSIM—A Case Study: How IBM Utilized a Systems Approach to Achieve a Unified Security Model in the US.

IBM Corporate Security embarked on a project to take advantage of emerging technologies in the physical security space and consolidate its disparate security systems by leveraging the company's internal IP backbone network. The approach was to identify and maintain viable systems, eliminate or replace obsolete platforms and integrate the resulting infrastructure topology using network and unified command and control technologies. This systems approach ensured that existing investment in viable systems was maintained and that new technologies deployed were consistent with IBM's IT standards and practices. Learn the details, including lessons learned along the way during this session.

Gary Smith, manager of innovation and technology, IBM Corporate Security

Bob Stiller, technology program manager, innovation and technology, IBM

Corporate Security

Bill Dougher, technology program manager, Innovation and Technology, IBM

Corporate Security


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