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Umbo Computer Vision unveils new AI-based camera

Umbo Computer Vision unveils new AI-based camera Company CEO talks with SSN about how it was designed with integrators in mind

SAN FRANCISCO—Umbo Computer Vision, a provider of autonomous video security technology based here, announced today the release of Umbo SmartBullet, its new AI-based camera designed for integrators, businesses and governments looking for autonomous video security capabilities and a simple end-to-end user experience.

“This camera is built with cloud infrastructure in mind, which enables the cameras to further offer the capability of AI,” Shawn Guan, CEO at Umbo Computer Vision, told Security Systems News, noting that the camera does some pre-processing of the image and sends some metadata plus a really small file back to the cloud for further processing. “Our AI is an online learning system, and is able to learn from all of this data that is being sent to the cloud, which is much better than your traditional rules-based system. The great thing about learning-based systems is the ability to leverage a large amount of data, so we have built a learning pipeline behind that.”

With real-time video security capabilities and AI-based technology, SmartBullet enables facilities managers at businesses in high crime areas, critical infrastructure installations, school campuses, transportation systems and other public venues, for example, to record, track and receive more accurate notifications when intruders have entered a property, climbed a wall or crossed a border.

SmartBullet features and capabilities include a full-metal armor exterior that is rated IK10 for high impact resistance, and an adaptive design that allows the SmartBullet to be configured for different customer needs. Available configurations at launch include an LED torch for floodlight illumination and infrared (IR) for visibility up to 160 feet. Guan said the company is also working on adding a long-distance microphone as a future add-on.

“To date, the majority of security cameras on the market are lacking high video resolution, data processing capabilities or have weak exteriors. SmartBullet is the perfect solution to this market-wide problem,” Guan said in the announcement. “It is capable of processing more streams at better resolutions and adaptive, transformative design makes it right for all sorts of different environments. Additionally, SmartBullet seamlessly integrates with Umbo SmartCloud and Umbo Light services for the best user experience in the industry.”

Guan also pointed out that the new camera was designed with integrators in mind. In 2017, Umbo partnered with PSA Security Network, a global security and systems integrator cooperative.

“We go direct to the integrator, so we don't go through distribution, and we spend a lot of time working with integrators,” he explained. “We actually have two different software solutions, one for the user and one for the integrator. Our software for integrators gives them a control panel so they can see what is going on with each of their customers, alerting them to any support tickets or problems with any cameras. We actually built that for the integrator.” The user can also use a tool called Support Mode, which gives the integrator temporary access to their system to provide help, he added.

Guan said that he is excited to highlight the new camera, as well as its yet-to-be-released new AI software that “is something that no one has ever seen,” at upcoming conferences including PSA TEC and ISC West. The company was the recipient of the Best in Video Analytics award from SIA in 2017 and Best in Show from Nvidia GTC 2016 ECS.


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