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Vivint latest big player to go ASAP

Vivint latest big player to go ASAP Company hopes to encourage more PSAPs

PROVO, Utah—Vivint in late September started planning its ASAP to PSAP adoption.

“Vivint was told from this point it is typically four to six weeks before going live with the first PSAP,” Amy Becht, Vivint director of central stations, told Security Systems News. The ASAP program increases the speed and accuracy of transmitting alarm information by sending it digitally from the central station to the PSAP.

In the short term, the program does not affect much of Vivint's account base. “We estimate that it probably impacts less than one percent of accounts as far as the PSAPs that are onboard right now, but there's still efficiency to be gained there,” Becht said. “It's definitely worthwhile.”

“It's not as much about what the program does for Vivint right now, but it is a lot about the future potential of the program—and not just for Vivint, but the entire industry,” Becht said.

By joining, Vivint hopes to encourage more involvement in PSAPs. “We know that getting more companies on board is key to growing PSAP participation,” she said. “This program's success is contingent on making it as attractive as possible to the PSAPs.”

Jay Hauhn, executive director for CSAA, also said that more central station involvement is key in encouraging PSAP participation. ADT joined the program in August.Hauhn predicted then that more nationals would join in coming months.

Becht said that making the program attractive is the industry's responsibility. “It won't work the other way around, where we're waiting for more PSAPs to come on board.”

“This needs to be a cooperative effort, it's really not just about one company, it's something that can benefit all of us,” she said. “We're excited to start contributing to that effort.”

Becht said that joining the program made sense at this time, “This is something we've wanted to do for a few years now.”


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