24-7 Security promo helps N.Y. families

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, January 1, 2007

YONKERS, N.Y. -- This past holiday season, 24-7 Security Company vice president Noelle Brousseau-Fowler decided she wanted to offer a business promotion that would help families in need, reported Tom Fowler, president of the company and Brousseau-Fowler's husband. The couple temporarily reduced the price of a new installed home security system and donated $100 worth of groceries and a $50 Target gift certificate for each new system.
"My wife's got me out doing the grocery shopping and we're delivering the groceries and gift certificates to local churches," who will give the groceries and gift certificates to needy families, Fowler said. "She used to work for child protective services and has visited these kids at this time of the year," he said. Often, area needy children will eat Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen and not receive Christmas gifts. Brousseau-Fowler wanted them to enjoy the holiday at home, Tom Fowler said.
As of Dec. 5, Fowler had donated $6,000 worth of groceries. Alarm Capital Alliance and Honeywell also pitched in, Fowler said.