Layered Protection: Integrating Diverse Security Measures for Public Safety

From the physical barriers outlining a perimeter, to the devices monitoring important spaces, to strategic design of a venue’s natural environment, virtually every public venue employs multiple tiers of security to protect their perimeters and areas of interest.

Listen Up – How and Why Network Audio is Changing the Surveillance Landscape

The surveillance industry is changing fast, and network audio capabilities are at the heart of some of the industry’s most important advancements.

Safe Cities: Powered by interoperability

Successful safe city deployments heavily leverage the integration of multiple systems and technologies to achieve a comprehensive and streamlined approach to public safety and security.

Video compression and Cost of Ownership

The growing demand for high resolution and 4K video in video surveillance is pushing the limits of today’s existing infrastructure and storage capacities of surveillance systems.

Enhancing Security while Improving the Gaming Experience

Part of SIA's Emerging Technologies Webcasts Series

Recent events have illuminated the need for improved security but budgets to facilitate those changes can be difficult to attain.

The Great Conversation in Security™ Webinar Series

The Great Conversation in Security is an executive leadership forum that takes place each spring in Seattle. The forum’s topics come from a series of conversations that happen throughout the year with security program executives, ESRM practitioners, integrators and technology thought leaders.

Intelligent Vertical Solutions: Security Trends and Business Opportunities at the Access Control Opening

Developments in access control technology coupled with advances in IT infrastructure have opened up exciting new possibilities for security professionals focused on various verticals.

Cyber Security: Bridging the Gap between Physical Security and IT / IoT

With Cyber Security top of mind across the technology spectrum, infrastructure operators and well as integrators have to come up with common ground to create cyber protection policies and practices that function homogeneously across systems running on common infrastructure.

The Standards "War" - Is it Over?


As the industry continues its transition from analog to IP, standards organizations have helped to ease that evolution by offering standardized approaches to connecting disparate pieces of security technology.