2GIG makes more headway

Two major dealer programs approve upstart panel manufacturer for use
Thursday, June 17, 2010

PITTSBURGH—With its June 16 announcement that Monitronics has approved the use of 2GIG’s Go!Control system for use by its national dealer network, 2GIG Technologies is feeling less like a start-up and more like it’s here to stay, 2GIG executives say.

“It’s further validation that dealers have to have this product,” said 2GIG president Todd Santiago. “Dealers are realizing that this is an affordable solution that enhances their offerings and delivers increased value to their customers,” added Lance Dean, 2GIG co-founder.

2GIG’s Go!Control panel is a self-contained, all-in-one security and home management system, which features color LCD touch screen. Other features include a built-in GSM radio enabling two-way voice calls over cellular, and an embedded Z-Wave module that transforms the panel into a home automation control device. Homeowners can also control HVAC, lighting and appliance control with 2GIG’s security system.

The home energy management features “save homeowners money everyday,” Dean said.

This announcement comes one day after 2GIG’s June 15 announcement that Florida-based super-regional Security Networks had approved 2GIG’s product for its dealers. One week ago, 2GIG announced a distribution agreement with eDist, and another milestone, 60,000 installations in North America.

Mitch Clarke, VP marketing, Monitronics, said he’s had “customer requests for the panel, that they didn’t know the name of but they knew the features. It turned out to be GO!Control.”

Dealers and homeowners are getting more comfortable with interactive services and are starting to expect them, Clarke said: “Whether it’s Total Connect or alarm.com service.”

The 2GIG product builds on alarm.com, an existing platform for Monitronics. This leverages the alarm.com technology on another product, which reduces the complexity of the introduction. “This is a disruputive product,” Clarke said. “Disruptive products drive change and innovation and change and innovation is good.”

Security Networks VP of business development Gary Franklyn said his dealers (called affiliates) were also requesting the product. In response, Security Networks began testing the product in January with four of its affiliates.  “The response from the test market was all positive,” Franklyn said. “We think it will help us recruit new dealers.”