Acceptance of Intertek/ETL spreading

Growing NRTL gets the nod from CSAA
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ATHENS, Greece—In another sign that industry newcomer Intertek/ETL is gaining acceptance, CSAA members will vote here, at their annual meeting Oct. 19, on whether to change their bylaws to accept testing and certification from Intertek/ETL and other approved NRTLs (nationally recognized testing laboratory) in addition to U.L. and FM.

CSAA officials expect members to approve the change. Mail-in ballots have been sent out to all CSAA members, so members do not have to be present to vote

Tom Connaughton, global director of life safety and security services for Intertek/ETL, said the change in the CSAA bylaws is a huge deal for his company: “We view it as a monumental shift in the industry’s perception of third-party testing and certification. Now these organizations, central stations, alarm services companies and manufacturers have a clear choice in NRTLs.”

“In the past if they wanted to become a member of the CSAA, you had to go to U.L. or FM,” he said. “This change allows them to source their programs with the company that best suits their needs.”

Steve Doyle, executive director of the CSAA, said the change will bring the CSAA in line with other code-making organizations such as the NFPA and other government entities, which typically recognize more than just U.L. and FM.

“It presents more options to CSAA members,” he said. Doyle said that “there’s nothing to say that the CSAA might become a NRTL.” He quickly qualified that statement, though: “I’m not saying we will and we probably won’t.” The point, he said, is that a number of organizations have special areas of testing expertise and it’s important that CSAA members have access to those organizations.