ActivEye rocks into a partnership with Cradle Technologies

Thursday, June 23, 2005

BRIARCLIFF, N.Y.--ActivEye, a provider of video content analysis software and Cradle Technologies, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based fabless semiconductor company, entered into an integration partnership this month.
ActivEye, based here, will port its Active Alert Intelligent Video Content Analysis software to the semiconductor company's CT3600 MDSP product line, as a result of the deal. The partnership enables hardware manufacturers to integrate ActivEye's software directly into IP cameras and related equipment rather than drive the devices through a computer.
Carolyn Ramsey, co-founder and president of ActivEye, said she partnered with Cradle because of price, performance and the ability to offer distributed intelligence anywhere in a system.
"The reason we picked Cradle is because they have a unique architecture," explained Ramsey. The company spent more than one year before choosing Cradle to partner with, she said.
Active Alert is a software platform designed for manned and unmanned video surveillance systems. The product can be used to send alerts when suspicious behavior occurs either through the actions of humans or automobiles.
"Our joint solution enables 16 camera channels inside the DVR," according to Ramsey. The first prototypes to come out of the partnership should emerge within three months, with commercial products expected by the end of the year.
Integral Technologies is one manufacturer partner of ActivEye. The company now offers ActivEye-enabled products that feature 4 channel capabilities.
Once products become available through the Cradle partnership, that number will increase to 16 with no additional hardware, according to Ramsey.