ADS adds managed, remote video solution to help customers 'ditch their DVRs'

Monday, May 17, 2010

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—ADS Security on May 10 announced the addition of a new managed, remote video offering, RemoteView, to its portfolio of existing surveillance solutions. In a release, the company claims the offering will allow ADS customers to “ditch their DVRs” and check in on their home or business any time and from any web-enabled device.

ADS SVP Tom Szell said RemoteView saves time and money for customers, adding value. “I think this is a unique service that certainly adds value to the bottom line for our customers,” Szell said. “It’s streaming video, 24/7 … Customers can view video from any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world. You could be at home on your laptop or PC or out—anywhere you can get an internet connection. It’s a fantastic tool for either lifestyle or business applications.”

According to Szell, the introduction of ADS RemoteView gives business owners an alternative to DVR equipment, software and support—all of which can be costly—to secure their locations. RemoteView reduces the initial investment in equipment and software, and also provides a centralized video management platform. In addition to delivering streaming, real-time video to any web-enabled device, such as a computer or mobile phone, ADS RemoteView also sends immediate event notifications via email or text message when alarm systems are armed/disarmed, and can send pre- and post- event video clips.

“We rolled this out—it’s hosted video that we manage—May 1 and we’ve had very positive feedback so far,” Szell said. “It’s a little different than what a lot of people are used to. It’s different than having a DVR on site ... Any time you can add value to your customers, that’s a good thing.”