ADS technician makes unexpected installation stop, saves life

The Right Response
SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

SAVANNAH--Floyd Johnson was at the right place at the right time and saved the life of one of his customers.
In August, Johnson, a technician with ADS Security, finished an installation early and decided he had enough time to install a keypad at another customer's house in the neighborhood. He found the owner, Margaret Blake, a retired elementary school teacher, gasping for breath on the floor of her house.
When he arrived at the door, he saw her cocker spaniel barking and running from the front door to the end of the hallway.
"This dog was upset and trying to tell me something," Johnson said, noting that the customer's cocker spaniel is usually quiet.
The technician called the customer, but got no answer. He saw a neighbor outside and asked if the neighbor noticed anything out of the ordinary at Blake's house. Together, the neighbor and Johnson looked through windows. They heard faint calls for help and noticed Blake's feet sticking out from a hallway. Johnson called 911 and entered the house. Her oxygen tube was knocked away from her face when she fell. Johnson swiftly reinserted the oxygen tube as paramedics arrived.
By the time the paramedics got to the scene, Blake was talking and asking for a Coke. The paramedics noted that five more minutes without oxygen, Blake would have died.
Johnson is an example of the dedicated people who know their customers and care about them, said Scott Reinke, general manager of ADS Security's Savannah branch, in a statement.