ADT customers wrongly billed for fees

Saturday, November 1, 2003

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Some ADT customers in Lee County were incorrectly billed for false alarm fees in September, according to a report by WBBH-TV in Fort Myers.

Under the county ordinance, only alarm system owners in the unincorporated areas of Lee County are subject to false alarms fees, but some ADT customers in the county’s incorporated areas of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, who should be exempt from the fees, have been billed for false alarm charges. In addition, ADT billed customers $33 instead of the requisite $25 set forth in the ordinance, according to Larry King, a spokesperson for the Lee county Sheriff’s Office.

Under the ordinance, the county charges the fines to ADT, which then bills its customers for reimbursement.

King said he didn’t know exactly how many customers were incorrectly billed. He said the sheriff’s office received a number of calls about the fees, but since the fees did not originate with the department, callers were instructed to contact ADT directly to resolve the issue.

King said of the 35,000 alarm calls the sheriff’s department responded to last year, only 26 were not false, which was why the ordinance was adopted.

Representatives from ADT declined to comment for this story.