Aerwav embarks on data mining service

The integrator taps into a business it bought this year to offer security data management
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

NEW YORK - Less than a year after systems integrator Aerwav Integration Services bought web-service company Mobius, the two are being merged together and Mobius’ expertise is being used as a platform for a new service for its customers.

The service set to be launched early next year is called Digital Dashboard. It enables Aerwav’s customers to access information on their security systems via the web. Initially, the service will include account information, such as billing, service history and the ability to request service on a security system.

Later that service is expected to expand to include alarm reports and actual control of a security system, such as the ability for customers to make changes to an access control system or view a surveillance camera online, according to Paul Williams, president of Mobius Technology Solutions.

“We believe in the convergence of security and data through the Internet,” said Bob Shiver, chairman and chief executive officer of Aerwav.

It was with that in mind that Aerwav bought Mobius in February of this year. The company brought with it web-site development and e-commerce management expertise, areas considered important by Shiver who likes to refer to Aerwav as a critical communications provider versus a security systems integrator.

Aerwav entered the systems integration business in 2003, when it bought a five-branch security business owned by Armor Holdings. Today the company employs 150 people in offices in PineBrook, N.J., Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and here.

While Aerwav’s entrance into the security market is recent, Shiver, however, has been a veteran of the industry. He worked for ADT Security when it was owned by the Hawley Group in the 1980s and started Centennial Security.

When he reentered the security industry more than a year ago, Shiver said he saw a shift taking place and the convergence of information. He also saw a need for companies to better manage their security data.

Shiver said the soon-to-be launched Digital Dashboard service is in Alpha test with a telecommunications company and hotel. He expects the service will appeal mostly to global companies that are trying to manage security data from multiple locations.