Alarm companies tackle event marketing

Thursday, April 1, 2004

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - CPI Security Systems is playing with the big cats - the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, to be exact.

CPI Security just marked the end of its inaugural year as a Carolina Panthers sponsor, the first of its five-year commitment.

The regional security business has joined the ranks with other sponsors such as Wendy’s, Bank of America and Pepsi.

“It has put us in very good company,” said Laura Kaplan, advertising director at CPI. “It has elevated us to a much larger scale.”

Chief Executive Officer Ken Gill said the reason behind the decision to become a sponsor stemmed from wanting to create greater awareness with a key customer demographic.

“When we looked at the demographic of season ticket holders for the Panthers we found they were of a more upscale nature,” he said. “It enabled us to target this market more.”

And with a season that included the team’s attempt at a Super Bowl championship, the exposure couldn’t have been higher.

“It put us in front of the right audience,” Gill said.

Event marketing is nothing new in the security arena, although it has generally been an avenue traveled by larger companies such as ADT, who recently re-signed its sponsorship with the Arena Football League. The three-year renewal is the AFL’s largest ever and is reported to be valued at $16 million.