AlarmSoft releases unique email, text-messaging tool for central stations

Thursday, January 15, 2009

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.--AlarmSoft on Jan. 6 announced the release of its newest automated alarm monitoring tool, Signal-Me. Signal-Me works with AlarmSoft's Central Works 2000 alarm automation software and its Wizard module to facilitate the automatic output of nearly any account information in the form of an email or text message to any web enabled device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, blackberry or PDA.

AlarmSoft general manager Christopher Brackett said Signal-Me will not only save time and money but will free up the industry. "You can ride around in your truck monitoring alarms now," he said. "When you get alarm signals in, you get different events. Now you can individualize specific signals so that [Signal-Me] automatically sends the email or text out to up to five different destinations." One problem Signal-Me will address is redundant signals like low battery signals, according to Brackett. "In the past, you've had to wait for things like low battery signals ... Now you can program your technician's cell phone number so that when a low battery signal occurs, your tech will automatically be notified."

Craig Davis, owner of Tulsa, Okla.-based Davis Security Systems has been using Signal-Me since December of 2008, and says that it has saved his company time and money and has been beneficial to his customers as well. "It allows me to determine what signals go to what technician in my company, offsite," Davis said. "For example ... A lot of systems will have low battery conditions. The automation software simply processes the signal. But with this new add on, the low battery signals, which are maintenance signals, are sent directly to the telephone of our maintenance technician. So he gets those signals directed to him, at what accounts, at what time they're coming in and how redundant they are ... you can actually tie up an entire line and no other signals can come through that line because we keep getting redundant low battery signals."

According to Davis, this time saving feature allows his company to help his customers avoid potentially costly situations. "It saves customers money in the sense of getting on top of a problem before there is damage to the equipment," Davis said. "It makes maintenance proactive rather than reactive."

Davis said that to his knowledge, Signal-Me was unique in the industry. Interested alarm companies can check out Signal-Me at