Apollo streamlines its ASTI line

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Access control manufacturer Apollo has rolled its ASTI brand under the Apollo name, a move to streamline operations and make it easier for customers to do business with the company.

“There were two companies and two sets of books and two sets of literature,” said Bill Lorber, vice president of sales and marketing for Apollo. “So it made sense to bring it under one.”

Instead of customers having to write separate orders or look at two different price sheets, Lorber said they can now turn to one price list and use one form when making orders.

It took company officials six months of planning to streamline operations. Many operations between the two companies were shared, with only a few employees solely devoted to the ASTI brand.

Apollo started the ASTI line about five years ago, said Lorber, as the company’s private label. ASTI also offered some unique features often used for nuclear power plants, he said.

Though operations have been streamlined, Lorber said customers will still be able to find ASTI branded products, but new products that would be offered by ASTI will now use the Apollo name.