APX gets into home energy management

New offering purports to save average customer $24 per month
Monday, May 24, 2010

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Folks at this week’s Connectivity Conference here can tonight preview APX Alarm’s first new add-on to its GO!Control security panel, a new home energy management package that APX executives say can save customers about $24 per month in energy costs.

“This gives us a chance to offer great home security and an opportunity to save on energy bills as well,” said Jim Nye, VP of business development for APX Alarm.

The package is based on Zwave technology, which is in the panel as well as in the thermostat. Homeowners can control their heating and cooling systems via the Web the same way they control their security panel, using their APX user account. The package is also fully supported on the iPhone.

The package includes a private-labeled APX thermostat and a gift of 12 free energy efficient CFL light bulbs. Customers pay $60 for the thermostat and $6.99 per month for the service. The installation is free.

The thermostat settings can be programmed and are fully customizable to a homeowner’s schedule. In addition, APX will provide customers with “Energy Star” guidelines, essentially three pre-programmed recommendations for thermostat settings that differ according to how much money a customer wants to save.

“It allows the customer to go in and choose from three setback points with the click of a button,” Nye said.

APX salespeople will begin selling the new energy management package around the country on June 1. It will also, in the near future, go back to existing customers to offer them energy management as an add-on. 

Who’s the offering aimed at? “We think a significant portion of our existing customer base and future customers will be interested in this based on the substantial savings,” Nye said.