ASG buys accounts for dense Texas market share

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

BELTSVILLE, Md.--Following its strategy of building dense market share in select areas, ASG completed four transactions to increase its portfolio of accounts in Texas.
"When you add revenue and increase the customer base it leverages the current infrastructure," said Joe Nuccio, president of ASG. (see related stories on page 17.)
The transactions, signed between early summer and this fall, brought 5,520 new customers and $113,000 of recurring monthly revenue to ASG.
In two separate transactions, ASG bought one portfolio of accounts from Eagle Broadband headquartered in League City, Texas.
Bob Ryan, vice president of sales and marketing for ASG, emphasized that ASG purchased only the portfolio of accounts and that Eagle Broadband continues to provide a host of commercial and consumer communications services, including security monitoring.
The accounts purchased from Eagle Broadband are largely concentrated in the Houston area.
Two other transactions from unnamed companies added accounts in Dallas and McAllen, Texas.