Asian sensing company latest GE purchase

Friday, August 1, 2003

PLAINVILLE, Conn. - A few short weeks after announcing that technology acquisitions would be in its future, GE Interlogix held true to its word, buying Kampro Technology, a Taipei, Taiwan-based maker of image sensing technology.

Though now a part of General Electric, Kampro is not new to the company. It has been a supplier to GE for years, and the two have collaborated on technology, said Jay Pinkert, director of communications for GE Interlogix. “It’s a welcomed addition of new capabilities,” said Pinkert.

Plans call for Kampro’s ultra-low light, ultra-high sensitive, high-resolution and harsh environment technologies to be incorporated into GE’s surveillance offerings. The privately company will become a subsidiary of GE, but its operations will report to GE Interlogix. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Besides technology, Kampro also provides GE Interlogix with access to new customers, specifically the Asian market. Kampro employs 100 people.

The addition is part of GE Interlogix’s plans to invest in its security business. The purchase of Kampro marked GE Interlogix’s second acquisition in a month’s time. In June, it bought automation software company Monitoring Automation Systems. That deal was preceded by a string of other acquisitions that include InfoGraphic Systems, fire company Kilsen and International Fiber Systems.

“It’s consistent with what you’ve been seeing, that is an investment in the video sector,” said Pinkert. “That’s certainly a growth market for us. We’re not just going after market share, but solution sets.”

Kampro President Lanfer Yang said his company plans to build on its existing OEM customer relationships as part of GE.