AssureRITE adds a video surveillance technology

Saturday, April 1, 2006

WESTERVILLE, Ohio--AssureRITE, a third party central station, in February launched AssureCAM, a service that integrates CCTV systems with alarm panels to provide video monitoring.
Paul Bargnesi, owner and chief executive officer, wanted to establish a program that anticipates the changing climate of video surveillance technology and provides video verification to curb false alarms.
"There was a niche in the market and no one was filling it so we jumped into it," Bargnesi said.
With help from surveillance manufacturers Geo-Vision and Sony and proprietary products designed by an undisclosed company, the system verifies the alarm signal through video. Rather than storing video at the customer's location, video streams to the central station, Bargnesi explained. From there, the video could be sent to a law enforcement agency or the customer's cell phone or PDA.
"Customers can view video any place in the world; all you need is the Internet," he said.
Bargnesi added that the program benefits the security dealer with added RMR and provides a cost-effective solution to growing false dispatches. Along with the video service, AssureRITE designed marketing kits that dealers can present to current or prospective subscribers.
The company serves the central Ohio market and works with 80 dealers. So far, six dealers are marketing the system to clients.
To meet the needs of Bargnesi's dealers, the company developed two versions of the system. The first provides installation including equipment, but excluding wiring, connectors and power supply. The second option might be for dealers who are not well versed in CCTV, said Bargnesi. The company has an "installation operation that would go out, after the dealer is quoted in the proposal, and install the system under the dealer's banner," he said.
Bargnesi is positive that more customers will take to this technology. "We think it's a wide open market. No one is doing it very successfully. It's brand new stuff."