Axcess signs supply agreement with Honeywell

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, September 25, 2003

September 25, 2003

DALLAS - Security equipment manufacturer Axcess International has signed a supply agreement with Honeywell to provide that company's Automation & Control Solution Service business unit with Axcess' patented RFID solution.

Now a strategic supplier, Axcess will sell its battery-powered wireless tag to Honeywell, which will sell, install and support the product through its worldwide offices as part of Honeywell's Asset Locator, a part of the Enterprise Buildings Integrator system. Asset Locator monitors the location and status of equipment and personnel by reading equipment tags or employee badge and updating locations to a central database.

"This agreement is a major step in making the Axcess products easily available to Honeywell sales personnel worldwide," said Allan Griebenow, president and chief executive officer of Axcess. The company has been working with Honeywell on other building security solutions and other projects, including with government homeland defense projects, for the past few years, he said.

Axcess' ActiveTag product line has been placed on the Honeywell Purchase Pro worldwide electronic catalog system.